The Baptist Mission of Kenya, the office where we spent the last 5 years working in logistics, is changing. When we worked there, the two of us along with the Kenyan employees took care of the housing needs, vehicle and transportation needs, immigration / documentation needs, travel and freight needs of as many as 30 units (a unit being a family or single person) living in Kenya being supported through the office.

With the IMB 'Re-Set' coming about, a new struture will be developed and at this point it isn't clear just what that will be. Much of the work done through the office has been given back to the individual missionary to do in a move toward 'self-facilitation.' Whether this is a temporary situation until the new set up is definied or whether it is a more permanent situation, only time will tell.

Pray for the missionaries during this transition time, as it does increase their work load and responsibility. Pray also for the Kenyan staff as they wait to find out whether the office will continue to be open or wehther their days of working with the IMB are coming to an end. Lastly, pray for IMB as they work to streamline and organize themselves to support their missionary personnel in Kenya and around the world in an effective and efficient way.


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