Our two grown children are Justin and Jackie. Both were born in America, but spent the last half of their growing up years as Missionary Kids (MKs) in Brazil. Both graduated from the American High School of Brasilia and returned to the US for their University Studies.

Justin is now married to wife Holly and they live in Los Angeles, CA and have two of our grandsons, Brandon (4) and Dylan (newborn). Jackie is married to husband Brian Bullman and they live in Henderson, TN and have grandson Kyle (5) and granddaughter Amelia (2). Jeff's mother, Frances, is still with us and lives in a personal care home in Franklin, KY, Jeff's hometown.

We thank God for our family and for His blessings on our lives. Please continue to pray for them, and for us, as we are now living on the same continent together for the first time in 20 years! While we aren't in the same state, or even very close by, it is much closer than Kenya.




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