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So many people are looking for something. They feel something is missing in their lives and they are seeking to fill a void. They are looking to activities, work, relationships, and sometimes even drugs, alcohol, and other dangerous vices. The truth of the matter is that God created each of us to have a close relationship to Him - and that void we are seeking to fill is the hole in our souls that only He can fill!

God loves you deeply. He created you and He desires to have a close, personal relationship with you! But we all have a problem that began from way back with Adam and Eve, we all have a rebellious streak and are inclined to rebel against God.

Seeing how God wanted to have this relationship, He gave us Commandments, or Laws, that He wanted people to follow, so that they would know how to act and would not sin or rebel. But people were not willing to keep those laws - even today, we are not able to keep from ‘bearing false witness’ - lying - or ‘coveting' - envying and wanting what isn’t ours, not to mention all the rest.

Good News: God solved our problem of sin for us! He sent his Son, Jesus, to the earth to live a perfect life, then allowed him to be crucified to pay the penalty for our sin. Now our sin debt has been paid! We can return to God again and have that relationship with Him!

If we believe in our hearts that Jesus is God’s Son and that God sent him to die for our sins, we can return to a right relationship with God and that empty feeling we have in our souls can be filled by the only One who can rightfully fill it. To make things right with God, all it takes is talking to Him sincerely in your heart, confessing your sin, and claiming Jesus as your Savior. Then, look for other believers and join with them in studying the Bible, God’s Word/Message to you, and learn how you can grow to have a close, personal relationship with Him.

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